About Our Services
We Perform Component Level Repairs!
You had shop around, and wherever you go, you get a super exorbitant fee to fix your set.
This is because they want to replace whole pieces instead of just the components that are bad.

That's why our rates are low, just a fair labor plus whatever the cost of the part.
We save you money by repairing a circuit board instead of replacing it.

Not long ago, a customer came to us with a LED TV that he was going to throw away because of a $300 plus
estimate from a poplular TV Shop. We isolated the problem to a few components on the circuit board and
repaired the unit for about $120 parts & labor! That was a big save for the customer.
( And he was very happy )
Service Calls.
We have customers all around, we help other companies too because they do not have an Authorize Dealer in the
customer's area and no one will reach that far, but they know we do, one was very close to the North Carolina border.

The Service call are very fair and reasonable. Rates varies based on location.

But one thing we do, is that whatever you pay is applicable to the final charge.
In another words if you pay lets say 45.00 for a service call and after the estimate you decided to go ahead and fix it
that becomes a 45.00 dollars deposit. and will be reflected / credit to your final bill.

We have special rates for optimizing your Computer, and you may learn some tricks too.
( We like to teach )
Quality Parts.
We use only high quality parts from our dealers.

We do fix and repair boards too, and we take good care that every single part or product meets OEM functionality.

Some people like to go online and buy cheap boards on some places thinking they going to save money, well...

Fact Number 1:
Those are Not brand new parts, they has been pulled from used equipment.

Fact Number 2: You going to replace the bad part without finding the reason why it went bad to begin?
Audio-Video-Computers and More.
We not only service Stereos, Plasma, LCD,or LED TV Sets, with also work on many home electronics units.

Control Panels, Electronic Keyboards, Wiring, Home Networks, Treadmill Machines and more,

We not only fix computers but we do "Custom Made" Computers according to your needs.
We’ve been in the Servicing & Repair business since 1972, and always keeping up with whatever new comes out.

Feel free to call us at any time if you have a question on any equipment or component that you would like to
fix or at least find out, if it can be fixed. Need some circuit modification? Let us know, we maybe able to help you.
Absolutly Free Recycling Services.
LCD, Plasma and LED televisions can be highly toxic and harmful to the environment.
Some of the most dangerous TV parts are the LCD and Plasma display panels.

That's the reason many cities would not let you dispose anything like in the trash bin.

Keep in mind that recycling can produce valuable materials that can easily be reused.

If you have a non-working flat tv and the screen is good, you may get a couple of greens in your wallet.
We may give it away for free to anyone need it.
( Kids break the screen with the Nitendo Machines all the time )
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